Members of Media

Ms. Kurz will provide your readers, listeners, or viewers with entertaining, compelling, and most recent insight into the puzzle of human relationships (at work and at home). She can speak sound bite, give entertaining anecdotes, and connect to the heart and minds of your audience. She has worked for the last five years with print, radio, and television. She knows how to combine humor with the vital information your audience needs in our complex world.

In addition, Ms. Kurz can also provide commentary and insight into the human behavior behind breaking news. She can give your audience the why behind the latest news story on the wire.

Setting Goals The benefits of New Year's resolutions: Learn the basics of successful goal setting for optimal results. 
Preparing for school news clip Tools for tough times: Becoming the parent who can listen, probe and support during the challenging moments of parenting.
Job anxiety news clip Coping with the threat or reality of losing your job: Proactive tools to manage your life and career when fear and grief are a reality.