Counseling Services


Whether you have been considering counseling for challenges in your relationships at work, a major transition in your family, a career change or parenting your toddler or teenager, Ms. Kurz assists her clients with situations such as:

  • Dealing with a boss who makes life frustrating
  • Making career changes while still supporting a family
  • Going back to work after children

DOWNLOAD: Setting Realistic Goals Checklist to find out if setting realistic goals is a skill you can improve. Goal setting can be valuable for identifying and achieving a variety of life changes.

  • Assessing whether, when and how to gracefully exit a relationship
  • Identifying activities that get in the way of important relationships
  • Learning how to say "no" to others so you can say "yes" to yourself
  • Changes in sleep and eating patterns due to stress
  • Finding the energy you once had for your self, your job, family or activities
  • Living with alcoholism or other addictions
  • Developing communication strategies for parenting your adolescent
  • Balancing child rearing and work so neither suffers
  • Coping as a new parent

DOWNLOAD: The Creating Peaceful Parenting Checklist to find out if you could benefit from creating peaceful parenting with your family.
“Peaceful Parenting” may help you identify new opportunities to improve and nurture relationships with your children, while keeping your sanity.

"Dive deep, pause long, breathe fully and let the possibilities emerge. "

Annie Kurz Counseling Services

Whatever circumstances you may be facing, effective counseling can make the difference between merely coping and making lasting valuable change. Psychotherapy offers individuals and couples tools to realize their potential and live the life they want.

Ms. Kurz provides help for seeing all your options so you tap in to your power in all relationships, communications and decisions. She does not just passively listen to her clients: she encourages, teaches, and understands what her clients really want in their lives.

Clients benefit from a holistic approach to therapy because they begin to connect aspects of their mind, body, heart and spirit. With this awareness, clients can begin to see their options for more: fulfilling relationships, effective communication, empowered decisions, and getting what they want from life.